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Senshi (A Katana Novel)

Senshi - Cole Gibsen
This was fun and cute, lots of action and a revisit of all the characters from Katana.
There were parts of this book that were better than in the first book, and others that didn't work for the second time around.
But in my opinion it was too similar to Katana. Around halfway I was rolling eyes at Righley's snarky comments rather than laughing about them- they got old!

The charter building this time around was definitely better than Katana. While in Katana all of the characters were very cliche and even sometimes cartoon like, Gibsen definitely added different dimensions to them in Senshi
Righley was her snarky kick-ass self- and when things turned half way through, she acted more mature than i would have expected. In fact I could totally relate to her heartache.
Q character was such an improvement. While he still was the gay bestie stereotype- the overly superficial side to him was toned down to a pleasantly funny side effect. Still when he in one scene exclaimed: I am not just stereotypes! I couldn't help but scoff! YES you are!
Kim was again closed up but this time not so mysterious in the good way he was in Katana.
To be honest there isn't much to be said to the character even though they were a slight bit better than in the first book.

The writing style is fast, fun and lighthearted most of the times. Except when it comes to the scenes with Senshi. Then Gibson manages to evoke beautiful pictures, deep feelings and shows off a writing talent that seems lost in the rest of the book. What a pity! I felt the same in Katana, and this time around I felt the contrast even more. Gibson definitely knows how to write beautifully, sadly that wouldn't come through without the Senshi Scenes.

The plot line- was at first a bit of a re-run of the first book. Then there were actually quite interesting twists! The concept of soul mates and the one big love, was given a different look at. Which I really liked. I did find some of the story line a bit out there and definitely did wonder if this was worth a sequel.

All in all a fun light read. The second half definitely better than the first half. Fans of Katana will definitely enjoy it.