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Spirit (Elemental)

Spirit - Brigid Kemmerer 4.5Stars

OHH eM Gee!!
I was totally blown away by this one!
So it's not secret that I got hooked on this series. I actually read every book and novella in one go. One straight after the other. I was totally Elemental obsessed, then I ran out of material...
I love getting into a series so much that you need to spend every free minute reading. Sadly that happens very rarely, partly because authors take a while to churn out those books and the other much more significant part: those are the top of the crop. It's those few series that become your favorite and that you start comparing others to. Well, Elemental has become on of them for me.
I think I would be one of a million, if I would mention that these novels are really character driven. I think I even said so in my review of Breathless. Spirit is the same as the previous books in that. If you someone who like a really good plot, well this ain't your series. Though I do feel that Spirit had a wee bit more to offer when it comes to plot than the other books in the series. Still basically its the an "elemental Guy falling for a girl, they have doubts/ confusions and they finally end up together" formula. But I guess by now people who like this series don't care that much about that. Because as I said this is a character driven series

And the character building is superb! I know I just admitted to be kinda obsessed with this series, but I was actually a bit apprehensive about Spirit
Hunter was rather annoying me in Storm and while Fearless gave one an idea of where he was coming from I didn't care for him at all. Then he teamed up with Gabe in Spark and I didn't totally loath him anymore. But an entire novel all about him? I wasn't sure if I would like this one as much as the others.. BUT I loved it.
I think that Kemmerer's writing has grown and improved over the series. Honestly I might not have noticed it as much wouldn't I have read them back to back. Still it's impressive and exciting. And writing Hunter the way she did, made her one of my favorite YA writers.
Hunter was still confused and at times angry, indecisive and distrusting. But amazingly enough I totally got him. I absolutely could relate to him and I ended up really caring for him. That's where I see Kemmerer strength. She takes one of the characters in each book and slowly fleshes them out and makes them come to live. I care for the characters in the series. And every time around it's like meeting old friends again.
Kate is a different female lead than the others. She is stronger more forward in some ways, really insecure in others.
I loved the interactions between Kate and Hunter. The sassy dialogues were my favorite bit of the book. Oh and I should mention, I think this is the steamiest novel of the series. Hunter and Kate make out ALLOT.
One of my friends actually mentioned to me that she found Kate was just a make-out backdrop for Hunter. I didn't think so, but I think in compare to Hunter Kate came out a little flat.
I think this might have to do with the fact that we got way more of Hunters POV. But also because Kate had little interaction with the support cast in compare to Hunter.
The relationships between Hunter and all the other characters were simply amazingly written.
To be honest I actually think if you can't connect to Hunter than you might not like this novel very much.

A really good sequel to a great series. The only downside? I have to wait soooo long for the next one!