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All Fruits Ripe (The Abby George Series)

All Fruits Ripe - Anne Kemp All Fruits Ripe is a fun little novella, that sets up things for Anne Kemp for Rum Punch Regrets.

Despite being very short it does come through on the character building of Leigh and Abby. Two sisters with a complicated relationship- like all sisters. In only a few pages, Kemp manages to line out the past and the present in a enticing and sassy way. Abby the main character is in her mid-thirties and has hit rock bottom. Her sister Leigh offers her a way out.

All those angst and jealousies, competitiveness and resentment that some times come up between sisters- have been touched but also the love and trust, the gratefulness and admiration that just as much is part of having a sister has been highlighted. If you have a sister you will be able to relate. I've got three. While none of them are like either of the two, those things have been part of my relationship with them and it's this part that made me like the novella. The background story of Abby's situation otherwise was - well nothing new or exciting. It just was another one of those settings.

And the end of the novella made me wonder how it will go on, wondering what Leigh was REALLY up to. Because hey I got three of those! I know a hidden agenda, even when it's really a well hidden one and not hitting me straight between my eyes.
So I read the sneak peak of Rum Punch Regrets... which had me run to Amazon and go buy it.
So watch out! This seemingly simple little novella- will get you hooked. Even if you think at first its just good. But sassy Abby kinda gets under your skin, and you might be running for more as well.