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Masquerade: Book 3 in The Games Series

Masquerade - Nyrae Dawn So so good! I love this series!



'Loss is loss. It's nt a contest about who's been hurt more. We all have our own battles to fight.'

This is full of angst, some good smut and broken characters- so just my cup of tea! Yes I seem to dig the broken character part. It surprises me every time. But I guess I do. Well, I should point out that I like them broken and lost, if they go-on despite their devastation and to some extend seek to fix themselves. I think I relate better to characters like that. Not that I had anything horrible happen to me like it had to the characters in this series. I think in some ways we all broken and also we all definitely get lost at time. It's those devastating moments that define us- not by the terrible experience but what we do with them. And that's what I dig. I think? Well, who knows. What I do know, Dawn writes that so well! I found myself totally absorbed by Masquerade and read it in one setting.

'I always want to be able to take the good things with me. I want a reminder because you never know when everything will change. When you won't be able to tell what's good and bad or right and wrong, so I make sure the good is with me'

I clearly love Dawn's prose.. I've not only read nearly most of her novel but also state it at every turn. I know I said that before, but I love the way Dawn writes the guy's POV. Her writing style is direct and current, it feels realistic. Add to that, that she writes with insight and subtlety.  She is definitely one of my favorite romance writers and each time I read another book of hers, it reconfirms that fact. And Masquerade totally cemented this.

'My heart free-falls over the edge of a cliff. When I open my mouth to reply, no words come out. Maddox leans forward and kisses my forehead again. '

The storyline of Masquerade is actually very similar in its basic out lines as the previous books of the series. But personally I didn't give a toot, since this is totally character driven.
There a beautiful little details Dawn adds to each couple in the series. This one is build around the art of the two MCs - what it means to them. Being an artisan I totally connected to that. I am not really into inking myself- but I love the art of it. Admire the artistry. Dawn really brought this across beautifully.

'"I'ts nothing."But both of us know it's everything.'

The character building is my favorite part of the book. I liked Maddox in Facade already so I was really looking forward to read his story. And boy was I in for a ride! Dawn slowly introduces her characters, you slowly get to know them, understand them and as events unfold you are given their past bit by bit as well. As you guessed during my fangirling about this- I really liked Maddox and Bee. I was enchanted by their connection when they were alone, the way they admired each others work and understood and supported it. But we not speaking of sweet happy characters here, nope, they both kickass and hardshelled. And their banter and tearing down each others walls is probably the thing I enjoyed most.  Though somehow the story is similar, the end clearly the same for each couple in the series. Each couple has their unique bond. And each character is different, has it's distinct voice. We get to meet the other two couple again, seen from Maddox and Bee POV.  It's like hanging with old friends, which is testament to the good character building.
Bee and Maddox both go through big changes and discover strength in each other- and a way to try and work out the past.

Facade  is on of my favorite books of 2013. Masquerade just made it's way into my top releases of 2014, before the year even started.
A beautiful book, that moved me and touched my heart. The reason I do read romance books at all! It left me wanting more, hoping Dawn will add an other book to the series!