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Closet Geeks and Slow Mo


Dizzy - Nyrae Dawn,  Jolene Perry I really liked the Collaboration of Dawn and Perry in Out of Play and Dizzy doesn't dissapoint. It's actually cuter and sweeter than Out of Play. Totally your cute and fluffy fix- if in need of one. The duo also does smoldering hot and cool as well. The chemistry between the two MC's rocks!
I did find their insecurities a bit annoying at times, all a bit cliche and quite predictable, but I also could not put the book down. Definitely a page turner.
While I enjoyed this- honestly - I preferred Out of Play. It was nearly five stars for me! Which in my opinion shows that their collaboration is working, because while you can tell they enjoyed working together on both books- the second is better, deeper and more captivating.

It left me with a goofy grin and happy feeling. And I really hope the two of them will write more book together. They really rock!