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You Make Me

You Make Me - Erin McCarthy mhhhhhhhhhh

3,5 Stars

The story line was interesting with many twists and turns.

The writing style really wonderful. I felt every emotion, was sucked in and moved. The smut is sizzling with a captiol S! Seriously! Maybe don't read those in public...


I loved Heath. Broody, dark, mysterious, loyal, deep a lot possessive and honest. I seriously looooved Heath.
BUT there were two issues- The love triangle, though admittedly not too bad, still A LOVE TRIANGLE ---eeeewwww!


( terribly mature of me I know!)

My biggest Issue though: I didn't like Cat. She was melodramatic all the time, a hypocrite most of the time and to top that attention seeking and self absorbed. Most of the drama was just her being a - and I am quoting McCarthy here- c bag.


And still I felt her dramas with her, I especiall loved the times they spent outdoors and in the end I was all goofy smiles and happy sighs.


AND NOW: I am wondering when the next book in the series is coming out..and what it will be about...