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An Indecent Proposal (The O'Malleys)

An Indecent Proposal (The O'Malleys) - Katee Robert 3.5STARS

I think I gotta start with the fact that for once I've actually been super good and read the series in order. Which is a feat for me, hence I feel it needs some mention. But saying that.. you actually don't have to. Each book could stand on it's own. So if you like me, don't care for minor spoilers- then, go ahead and read which ever book appeals to you most first. Then again, there are the minor spoilers. But more importantly Robert prepares her readers for the next books, with POV of the following characters...
Anyway, I have read all of the O'Malley book thus far. And I am looking forward to the next one. In fact I actually am desperate to get my hands on Aidens book. But let's me not get ahead of myself. (or the author there hasn't even been said there would be a book for him)

I am still totally into the irish mob theme and Boston. In fact Robert is extending it to other places , which I wholeheartedly approve of. I like the dark and gritty backdrop, the ruthless world that this is set in.
I like the hard choices the characters have to make. The power games behind moves, loyalty and all that.
I have honestly not a clue if this is at all accurate and has anything to do with the real life mob scene in the states- in fact after finishing it I started googling, and I think it does certainly touch on reality- but I decided I don't really care, I like to think that Robert did a smashing job at it, and that this is as real as it gets.

The romance was a lot insta but also a lot slow and intense. So while not really my cup of tea, also totally down my alley.
The plot is fast paced and has plenty of action. I enjoyed the storyline.
The character building is interesting. I mostly liked it, with some minor exceptions. Robert is carving out a group of people and a scene slowly over the cause of the series this far, that feels quite real.
I love Cillian. He has been my favorite character from the start and An Indecent Proposal just reinforced that.
Olivia came across as a petulante brat in the beginning, but soon I ended up liking her and more importantly I got where she was coming from.
I like the support cast as well. Robert is slowly adding layers to side characters we met before and I am immensely enjoying that.
There are two exception to this however: The first is Sergei- just too over the top for me. His actions at the end made little sense. He went against everything he was supposed to be, every action he had taken before that point. I get revenge and all that, but the way he was toward Dmitri was over the top considering this happened in a matter of a few days.
The second Hadley. On the one hand she seems way older and on the other not old enough. I didn't get the feel of a girl her age. She felt like a token rather than an actual character. A fact that really grated on me.
Then there is the smut... I am not a huge fan of lots of smut - and this one has less then the previous one ( =happy deniz) buuuut it's not really for me. It's to slambang in the alley for me. Saying that however, I also have to say, that I am aware that I will be one of the very very few who feel like that. Most people with love it. It's hot and heavy and sexy.

I think this is my favourite book in the series so far. And while I wasn't sure I'll be all excited for Sloan's book.. Well, I can't wait to get my hands on it now!!