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Dark Craving

Dark Craving - Donna Grant yeah. So I kinda stumbled over Donna Grant books, and they do sound interesting. I thought they could be awesome...
When I asked my friends they either hadn't read any or they were not hugely impressed. So I decided to just read a novella. I am aware that I am just reading this a wee bit randomly and that possibly reading the first book of the first series would have made more sense in regards with the world building, however my issues did not lie with the world building.

Let's just talk about the world building first...
world building
My favorite part of the novella. I actually love the idea of the world building. And the little bit I got about the Dragon Kings is enticing and interesting. There were hint about the druids and warriors as well, and frankly it left me wanting to try those book. This is a novella, little is given in terms of world building, which was to be expected. But the little that was there? Color me intrigued. I like it. I want to know what's going to happen about the silvers and I feel like I have a good idea about the world of the Dark Dragons.

story line
Basically it's your usual insta-love PNR , which I found rather disappointing. I wanted more.

character building
For me there were some interesting hints about the characters. But I didn't connect to any of them. Simply not developed enough for my taste.

writing style
Here lies the crux of my problems. While the story line was super insta and the characters did fall short in their development. I would have been totally fine with those shortcomings. This is a novella after all. But there were quite a few things I didn't like about the writing style. And that kinda spoilt my reading pleasure.
The dialogues being my biggest issue. They all felt rehearsed and too cliche. Add to that the inconsistent Scottish accents of the male cast- which I found annoying to be honest- and they became cringe-worthy at times. All the confessions and declarations felt like trained speaches and felt too preachy in my opinion, simply because we heard them a gazillion times. All of the above made it difficult to connect to the characters but more so made them feel like the utter walking, talking cliche.
Then there are a few moments where I actually liked the descriptions and I for a short moment enjoyed the writing. So all in all it felt inconsistent.

Which leaves me still wondering: I do like the idea of the world ... but I wasn't a fan of the writing style. The rest is not bad but nothing to write home about. So tell me: Should I read another book by Grant?