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The Bad Boy Bargain

The Bad Boy Bargain - Kendra C Highley 3.5 Stars
Initial Reaction:
great cute & fluffy!

Quite different from what I initially expected. The bad boy is totally swoon worthy but so not at all what I thought he would be like.
The sweet girl is ...sweet but not as sweet as even she would like to think

The Bad Boy Bargain basically starts with a twist. Because right off the reader gets insight to who the MCs really are.
The rest of the story is quite classic cute & fluffy. But never the less, extremely enjoyable.

This isn't the first novel I read by Highley. I enjoy her brand light-hearted swoony, with a splash of serious. I like her easy writing style and her cute dialogues. But mostly I love how she always shows, that everyone has more than ones side to them and the character building of her MCs.

Just like in all the books I've read, I fell in love with the resident bad boy, immediately. Highly writes cool boys, IMO. Kyle is an awesome male lead, one with problems but also one who is interesting and is carving his own path. I loved his relationship with his family.
Faith, at first glance a goody sweet girl, is just as interesting and passionate. I loved her passion for dance. And again, great family dynamics
The support cast features interesting adults & some great friends. Wouldn't mind some spin-off for the besties..just saying.

My only little issue was the bully thing. I mean, I think the actual situation and what happened around it, is sadly true. But somehow Cam and co were too much. I mean every cliche one expects a movie badie to pull: Cam pulled each and everyone with the line that goes with it.

Lighthearted, sweet, swoony and very very enjoyable.
A MUST read cute & fluffy.