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The Geography of You and Me - Jennifer E. Smith

So quite frankly somehow I am sitting here, wondering what I actually expected from this. But all I can say not really what I got.
I mean this is quite cute. I was hoping for a cute & fluffy. And I guess it is. Maybe, or at least some bits.
There is plenty of angst- but hey they teenies. I didn't mind that. I don't get the whole awkward phase thing, though.
Then the parents, are totally blase - but wait! we talking teenies!!!
The snail mail situation... uhm cute but who still does that? Ok well, I do but NO what'sapp, fb or email? Not even my granny does that!
The end yeay, cute and fab, but I was sorta over it all by then.
Basically the plot is rather unrealistic.
I enjoyed the writing style
So: my issue? I was bored most of the time. I kept kinda expecting something. Well, don't ask me what. Actually: Anything more.
I liked the night on the roof. But then, I just was given banal daily bore. I wish there was less family dynamics and all that, but more cute & fluffy instead.
Sadly not really my thing