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Feeling kinda divided.. but yet I want more!

My Perfect Mistake (Over the Top) - Kelly Siskind

This left me totally divided. I adore bits and loathed others... But mostly My Perfect Mistake made clear that, Siskind's writing will keep me reading anything she throws at me!

I loved Siskind's prose in previous books. But then I also liked the storyline and loved the characters. With My Perfect Mistake it became clear that I am hooked by her writing. Whenever I put the book down and thought about it- there were so many things I found agitating. I am not a huge fan of some of the characters for examples, it's too insta, not sure about the plot... BUT the moment I started reading I was hooked, I didn't care about all the things I will be ranting in a bit. NOPE. Not at all. I gobbled it all nicely up. And that my friends is fantastic writing in my books.

The plot starts off as super-insta-lust. Then take a turn to wait-we-might-have-a-connection to let's-play-coy to full-on-love-and-happiness, another drama-that-makes-wanna-punch-the-two-idiots and finishes with a swoony HEA.
I loved the Aspen bits, even if it was totally insta. I loved the chemistry between Shay and Kolton. Though his "secret" and her quick-to-assume-attitude already were a bit off-putting. I liked the banter and the quick back and forth, the competitive little fights, it's explosive and fun.
Then I found myself hoping that Siskind is going to take a 180 and do it all slow-like... but sadly that didn't happen, so while I found the middle entertaining- I also found it a bit too crafted, trying too hard to be quirky but still cliche.
The last bit, honestly, I totally inhaled it. BUT I was kinda so over all the dramas. As a commitment-phobe I had lost my patience with the excuse of being scared of commitment or hiding behind the past. While it was a joy to read it also felt drawn out. -see? Divided!

I liked Kolton. Who wouldn't? Show me one girl that wouldn't wanna be wooed by him. Yeah, even I would. In fact he is the saving grace of this story. I loved his POV. I found him interesting and could relate to him... and yeah bring on the wooing dude, I would totally cave first minute.
Shay, though I do kinda like her, grated on me. I get her issues- well she rasped on and on and on about it, so there is no missing it. I can't really relate, simply because I have never been in that situation, it's kinda so contrary to my character. But I know it's distinctly possible to be in her situation. I felt really sympathetic for the first 20% then I just felt like she is milking it.
Jackson is sweet, and while I liked him, I found at times that it felt like Siskind is trying to hard to make him a unique character. It felt constructed.
In fact at time the entire support cast felt a wee bit too cliche. But I actually didn't mind it most of the time.
Having said that Shay was annoying, I also have to say, that there were great moments of her character growth. She did make changes that were awesome and I liked that she gradually got her confidence back. So again, I liked parts of the character building and others not so much.

So basically very well written cute & fluffy, that was highly entertaining but a bit too melodramatic at times and a wee bit too drawn out.
Now. The big question is: When is Lily's book coming out?