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Review: Not Okay Cupid

Not Okay Cupid - Heidi R. Kling

This kinda reminded me of She's All That with a dash of Ten Things I Hate About you, thrown the bad boy turned lover boy....
So your classic highschool cute & fluffy.

But I was not a fan of the first half. It was too melodramatic for me. And my biggest issue with the book: I really didn't like Felix's POV.
BUT saying this... It gets better, way better. The second half of the book, was the classic sigh-worthy cute & fluffy and I ended up adoring both Felix and Hazel.

This is not so much plot driven. Well, it doesn't have any surprising twists and turns- nope it's your classic sweet high school romp and I enjoyed it.

The writing style left me a bit ambiguous, I am not sure exactly if it was only the POV of Felix- it felt rather a bit fake. I know that sounds odd, but I kept thinking this isn't how a teenage boy thinks... or speaks... I didn't feel the same about Hazels however. I like her voice. Though I wouldn't say that I was wowed by Kling's prose, I also didn't dislike it- well except for the previously mentioned issue.

Thankfully this is mostly character driven. And you know I love character driven stories! The two MCs got more interesting as we get to know them. From what looked at the beginning two uber-stereotypical characters, we got two interesting and realistic feeling teens. I loved their boarding scenes. The villains in this, however never change. They the same totally over the top, selfish cliches- we never get to see another side of them. I kept wondering how Hazel ever was friends with them.


Still sweet, fun and cute, if you don't mind Felix' POV or the stereotyping. I also did like the little cupid bits!


If you a lover of Entangled Crush or the genre it's worth a try.