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Mismatched - Elle Casey, Amanda McKeon Mismatched and I did not get on the right foot when we started off... I just didn't feel it. I wasn't even sure what it was... I just couldn't deal with it. So just put it aside- I had a couple of let's struggle through it books before that. I simply just couldn't struggle through another one. Then more than a week later I picked it up again. And wonder of wonders suddenly this was less of a chore and way more fun. The first half of this seemed so cliche. The whole insta-lust.... Ridley's view of Ireland- and Erin's odd behavior about it At about 30% I would have rated this a generous 3Stars at best, more like 2.5 And then somehow slowly Mismatched creeped up on me. And by 80% I found myself darn invested in Erin, Ridlee, Donal, Michael... well everyone really. And even worse! At the end my first thought: Hey, wait what? That can't be it? It can't be done yet?!! I might have paged back and forth making sure I didn't miss anything. BUT the second half was way better for me than the first third and I want more! (PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS MORE??!!) So I guess this is 3.5 Stars really. I think the character building is done splendidly. I honestly didn't like Erin much in the beginning. In fact I found her very annoying. It did change as the story went on. She really grew on me, the more I got to know about her the more she made sense and the more I actually liked her. I am not sure how I feel about Donal btw.. I mean with him just fading out the way he did. And let me just put it out there in case that was missed. I want more. Specifically more of Donal. Just saying . I loved the crew in Ireland. It was fun and while at first I was a bit worried that it will be totally full of typical tourist conception. I was delighted to find I was wrong (ok,so in my defence: I didn't realise that McKeon is Irish) I came to love Lisdoonvarna and most importantly it's inhabitants. I adored all of the descriptions of Ireland and of Boston as well ( which by the way I still haven't visited- it is on my never ending bucket list!) The storyline is quirky. A bit of cliche and has a few twists and turns thrown in I really didn't expect- many that I totally did. Very nice cute and fluffy indeed. It has a few insta's all over it. But quite frankly- I met Mr. O while I was traveling- I am a bit biased when it comes to meeting your guy while traveling... well actually maybe a lot biased. I think since I am so negative inclined towards the insta..well, insta-everything.. we can actually disregard my bias, it probably about balances it out. One comment on the whole odd Irland thing: I honestly can't relate. Maybe because I am not American? Maybe because people from Heidiland (also known as Switzerland) are actually really quirky? Maybe it's because I am a total nomad, who has lived on several continents... Or maybe because I just never expected Ireland to be anything I knew but simply loved discovering what it was? I really am not sure, but I found myself wondering why anyone would go to Ireland and expect it to be like anywhere else? (i.e. the US?) *shrugs* Anyway. Last but not least: the cover slut in my was total sold by that cover. And after reading this... sigh.. I even approve more (totally Erin....) I want more! Please publish the next book FAST!