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Initial Reaction after reading this:

Thicker Than Water - Brigid Kemmerer

No way no way! WTH?
You can't do this! You can't leave me hanging like THAT!
Is there another book? When is it coming out??

Okay okay. Let me calm down. I mean this is me freaking out because I want MORE.
This has Kemmerer written all over it: Fabulous Character building, interesting paranormal side track and the feels.... yeah THE FEELS... seriously don't ask me how she does it, but she does get exactly the reaction she wants from me, every freakn time. Maybe she is a bit like Tom? creepy really. Or maybe she is really good at writing? Well, she is a magician with words that's for sure.
And yet again the plot? There is so little we have been given. So so so little. And though the end is not technically a cliffy- it leaves you hanging. I just know I want more. Wait that's not right. I NEED MORE...