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Vegas Love - Jillian Dodd

Initial Reaction:


ah a very enjoyable cute & fluffy!






So let's just put it out there: I really enjoyed this one despite the fact that it is rather cliche.

The reason for that?

It's really well written. I've never read anything by Dodd before and discovered her in ONE. In fact the piece I read was an excerpt of Vegas Love... And all I wanted was get my hands on the book.  I really loved the witty way it was written. I loved the sizzling chemistry and enjoyed the smut ( yep! you read wright.)

And the book did not disappoint. I read this in more or less one sitting. It's cute, it's fun, it's plenty hottylicous. (yeah I know that's not really a word, but... it's the perfect word for this - so shush) Well, mostly what I want in a cute & fluffy except a tad too cliche as I said.


So let's address my biggest issue, shall we? The plot was rather predictable. And if I say rather I mean very. It's your usual insta-lust becomes love, one-night-stand-in-vegas love story. There is the mandatory super hot, wealthy and successful manwhore commitophobe, that get's tranformed through falling in love with the super beautiful very likable female lead that is full of self-doubts.... OH and the epilogue? He had tears in his eye! {(crinch) I swear I would have rounded the rating up if it wouldn't have been for that. I don't do sappy dudes... so .. just NO!. I don't think it's romantic, it's it's....

Oh and the fact that at the end EVERYTHING just worked out and was so peachy... (especially her family stuff)

yeah well: cliche - I did say so didn't I? 


BUT and this is why there is 3.5 Stars- as I said I love Dodds writing style, I adore the humor, I loved the dialogues and I like the characters


The character building definitely shines here. I love the group of friends/family that are featured here. The brothers are ALL without fail yummy and interesting. And their relationship- fabulous. The family, their banter and behaviour felt real. In fact I want more! I really really really hope that Dodd will make a series out of this one? (pretty please?)

Cash- as I said, reformed super hottie - but he was also much more than that, I really liked his POV. I loved reading about his insecurities, love reading about him getting to grips with what was happening in his life and the way he took care of Ashlyn

Ashlyn was, to be totally honest, my least favorite character. She was a tad too melodramatic in my opinion.  I think her issues were a bit too over the top. I mean I did get it and I felt quite sympathetic most of the time, except towards the end, then I wanted to smack her, actually. I think I would have been more ok with it if there wouldn't have been that super happy everything is now ok and all problems have been solved kinda ending. 

Still she is a great female MC and I did care for her- except for half of that annoying chapter.


So all in all a fun read. So far a standalone but I have hopes there.... 

If you feel like a cute & fluffy definitely give this a go! I for one am going to  get my hands on Dodds other books until she releases the next book (in this series) ;) - well at least I hope she makes it as series... otherwise... I'll just wait until the next book she writes. Definitely an author I shall look out for in the future.