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A book that delivers exactly what it promised

Get Real - Tellulah Darling

Initial Reaction:

Swoony? Yep
Cute? Uh-huh
Fun? Oh yes!
Cheeky? It's Darling...
Must read? Defo!

A cute & fluffy must read!!


Get Real is a romantic comedy, urban fantasy whirlwind with sass, sex, and swoon.

Straight up: the book delivers exactly what it promised.
It's got loads of action, sassy characters and swoony romance. And if you loved Darlings previous books, you going to adore this one.

My first coherent thought when I finished: I want more...My second: I think this is Darling's best novel to date. ( I did totally fangirl all over my Goodreads review before I actually could have a coherent thought)

The story-line is super fast- in the best sort of way, Darling throws you into the deep end right from the start. And there is action non-stop. In fact I read this more or less in one reading. It's the kind of novel you don't wanna put down, because something important is always happening.

The romance is sweet and swoony. There is a huge amount of fun banter going around. I definitely could tell this is a Darling book when it comes to those two aspects but I also could tell by the group of friends. Essentially Darling thrives at the cute, sassy and funny thing but also she builds great groups of friends- diverse groups, I could see parallels between this group and the group in the previous books. Not that I mind at all. Mainly because Darling did a good job at character building. Each character is unique and relatable. She really does a good job at bringing in their different backgrounds, their fears and strength. Even though at times they do feel a bit politically correct and a tad cliche. At least I felt like this at the beginning of the book. At the end of it though? I still do think that, but I don't care. Because I grew to love this group of misfits and I seriously do hope there will be loads of more books about them, each one of them.

The writing style is classic Darling: fun, sassy with a seriously good dose of humor. I love her writing style and I honestly can say she is one of my favorite authors in this genre. Very few manage to keep the balance between action, humor and romance- she does. Her books are entertaining and fun, but also they are well written.
While I would say that Darling's strength lies in her humor and her character building....
In Get Real my favorite part was the world building.

Honestly it's fabulous! I totally love the idea. And it's incredibly well done. I love the traveling aspects. And most importantly for me, Darling gets the different locations beyond right. Because New York in get real is still my New York and so is Rome... and all other locations. Which is actually due to Darling's amazing writing, her descriptions of the locations is great, but she conveys the feel of the venues so incredibly brilliant, that I felt like I was there again. I should mention that I've been in most places Darling does describe... So it's not just me imagining how a place should be, but I actually experienced it. And again she just got it right.

So if you looking for a cute & fluffy adventure, that's well written - this is YOUR book.