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How I like men and romance books

The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male - Jessica Clare

This left me wondering: Why on earth do I read books like this?


I mean the storyline is thin- if you don't count the string of continuous smut ( albeit good smut it is ). I like the idea of it. The execution however? Uhm... thin at best... *points at previous comment*


The character building has interesting aspects, I kinda like Colt and Beth Ann. But it feels incomplete. I like the crew, but again same issue. Everybody in Bluebonnet seems kinda interesting, but too cliche. It feels like Colts hotness and all that is based completely on his performance in the sack. And yep he defo delivers there, as I said. Good smut. Beth Ann.. well let's just say I liked her way better than in the first book of the series. 


The writing, well, that's probably why I read this finished I guess, is good. Clare knows how to write. And let's just spell it out, she knows how to write smut really well. This is definitely smutilious.


BUUUT there lies my issue, I like a wee bit of good smut, but when half the book is just smut, even if it is good smut, I kinda find myself ... bored?...

The bottom line?

I want more than just sex!

I want the feels, depth of character,eloquence and some adventure- naturally I don't frown upon good smut either ;)

Hmmm... So basically I like my romance book the way I like my men...