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The Professor Woos The Witch (Nocturne Falls) (Volume 4) - Kristen Painter

If I had to round up what I felt reading this: Happy-fussy would be the word.
This is entertaining, well written and absolutely feel-good PNR.

While I was reading two things struck me:
First: I adore the world of Nocturne Falls. Somehow Painter manages to create an awesome world, even though this feel light on the world building side. Each book in the series added new details- awesome little insights to different things- but each book would actually work as a stand alone. And each book has good world building. But put them together and the entire thing becomes amazing. Seriously, it's brilliant.

The second: Painter is a master of slow burn romance. While it becomes very clear that the love match is going to go for the HEA pretty fast- I mean hello? this is a lighthearted fun feel- good romance after all - they sorta decided to take it slow. And the chemistry is just off the charts. It reminded me of the romance in Cresent City. Not because there are any similarities in the plot mind you, but simply because the chemistry is written beyond well.

The plot is to a huge part what I expected. And then, Painter threw in a little twist, which really surprised me. I did expect some parts- but the others not at all. The story line is well paced and really entertaining.

The writing is great. I mean I expected that. But again, I am in total awe of Painters knowledge of her craft. It's wonderful to see where she shines best- which in my opinion is character building and world building. I love that this is a really light hearted cute series. Which stand in total contrast to Cresent City, which was heavier and deliciously gritty and dark.

This just like all the other books in the series is definitely character driven. And I absolutely love the character building. Each and every time I read one of these it's like visiting friends. It's amazing to see Stanhill, as example from Pandora's POV.
Pandora and Cole were probably the most realistic couple- well when it comes to their approach to each other. Take the paranormal bits away and they would make a great real life couple. It might be the least conventional romance of the series, but it is in my opinion one of the sweetest and dearest to my heart.
A side note- I adore Pumpkin! Painter even does awesome character building for pet!

Another good PNR! And all I could think when I finished? When is the next one coming out? Will there be a book for Sebastian? (And basically every other character that appears in the series and hasn't been matched yet! )
The good news is there will be another book: The Vampire’s Fake Fiancée
The bad news: Expected publication date is February 2016

Until then though one could always read about Stanhill and Corette in The Spell Of The Ball - a short story to tie us over until then I guess ;)