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ONE: An Exclusive Collection of EIGHTEEN Brand NEW Sexy One Night Changes Everything Stories - SE Anderson, Savannah Rylan, Steph Nuss, Melissa  Collins, Anna Cruise, Heidi  McLaughlin, Morgan Black, Kelly  Walker, L.P. Dover, Emma  Hart, Cameo Renae, Jennifer Foor, J.M. Darhower, Alivia Anders, Julia Crane, Jillian Dodd, Lizzy Ford, M.A. Peart

A bag of mixed goodies. I expected all short stories, but most of these were excerpts. 

It was fun to get to know new authors and there are several books I can't wait to get my hands on. 



Blind Date by Emma Hart ~ 3 Stars

Short but sizzling. Simple story- well not so much a story line but just smut- mind you, it's very hot- so hot! I want more

One Night with Harrison by Heidi McLaughlin ~ 3.5 Stars

What?! OMG! This is soooo... Crazy? I can't believe the story line! Defo gonna have to read more

A Vegas Love by Jillian Dodd ~ 4 Stars
Smutilious and I want more! so going to read the entire book!!


Lucky by JM Darhower ~ 4 Stars

Thought totally predictable- i was riveted! Well written, entertaining, sizzling and left me wanting much more. Basically my biggest issue with this? It's to damn short!


One Taste by LP Dover ~ 2 Stars??

If I would base this simply on the plot... It would be 1.5stars But i like the writing style and I kinda liked Luke.... I didn't however think much of Lara She is the walking cliche heroine that I guess goes with that cliche plot... I was annoyed by how flakey she was-She was oh so determined not to go there... And then she faltered in 2sec flat

Before the Wreckage by Melissa Collins ~ 2.5 Stars

I am not sure what to rate this. It's well written, but the story - well the romance in particular is just not my thing. It's too predictably clinche and -well for lack of a better explanation- too romancy. So I guess round 2.5 Stars?


Hold It Against Me by Alivia Anders ~ 3 Stars
Never read anything by Anders before. This was entertaining, but I am not sure if I would read more...


Prelude by Anna Cruise ~ 3.5 Stars
This has Cruise written all over it. It's totally her MO and I really enjoyed it. Definitely will read Interlude when it's published!

Thou Shall Not Fall in Love by AO Peart ~ 4 Stars

In one word: smutilicious Basically not much of a plot or anything - but who cares? It's hawt and mega entertaining 4 guilty pleasure stars"


Quintessence by Cameo Renae ~ 2 Stars

Gotta say first up; it's well written The low rating is for the usual usual PNR thingy -in fact I kept thinking I read it before..


A Frigid Encounter by Jennifer Foor ~ 1.5 Stars

My biggest issue with this: I didn't like the writing style I found this terribly boring most of the time, even though I like the idea behind this The smut? So not my thing as well



One Night Wife by Kelly Walker ~ 2 Stars

Not bad but just not for me


Only Once by Julia Crane ~ 2 Stars

Ok so this might not be politically correct BUT while I am aware that this is suppose to be touching and all that , I couldn't find myself giving a toot. Too predicable too cliche - just not my thing


A Night Worth Dying For by Lizzy Ford ~ 3.5 Stars

Gritty, smutty and dark- really enjoyed this one!"

Finding Skye by Morgan Black ~  3 Stars

Well told, but a tad too melodramatic for me. I might read the novel... Not quite sure yet

Shattering all the Rules by Savannah Rylan ~ 2 Stars

In one word? It's ok Not bad, but not amazing either. Basically rather usual usual. More or less only smut, not bad smut but not memorable either


Press Your Luck by SE Anderson ~ 3 Stars

m/m romances are just not my thing even if they are well written


Surprised by You by Steph Nuss ~ 2.5 Stars

I haven't read any of the Love I'm the city novels- so I found I couldn't connect to this one The character building was too cliche and didn't work for me. Don't think I will read the series.