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A Huge Surprise

Doing It for Love - Cassie Mae

So to be honest, there are some authors, who's books I will just read, without regards to cover.. and .. uhm.. this is kinda ambarrasing... the blurb. Mae happens to be one of them. I love her How To Series, so basically knowing this is new adult by Mae... was simply good enough for me to wanna get my hands on it.

I did read the blurb when I requested it... I really did... Promise! I did!

But when I started this- I was rather iffy about it. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. At around 15% I didn't particularly like the heroine...

Then one of my reading buddies gave it 3 Stars- and I felt even more unsure. 

So I put this aside for a while... a few weeks to be exact. 

When I picked it up again, I thought of it as a chore- feeling I'd have to read it, because it was an ARC... And then.. well... I simply fell in love.


Before I gash about how Mae stole my stone heart - let me just get the negative out of the way

I didn't like Liz much for the first quarter of the book- I found she was manipulative and even more so she was a whiner. If you feel you vegetables- do something?! I could not relate to wedding dramas- since I had a super small and simple wedding, which is what I was more than happy with.  I do however know that a lot of girls feel like Liz... so I kinda decided I could live with it.

And then as the story progressed I more and more grew to like Liz. But most importantly I totally related to her and Landon.

Which is part of the magic of this book.


Look this is the story after the HEA- well kind of. They are together, they know they love each other. It's basically the journey of two people who found their hearts. If you expect the usual romance plot- well you won't find it here.

There is very little romance cliche in this one- which I personally found so freakn awesome. 

This is a different and wonderful look at love. Probably more realistic than most novel I have read. It's quirky and unique in the best way. I felt moved and touched by Doing It For Love. I laughed and smirked at the jokes and mishaps. 

Though Liz and Landon's story and relationship is so different than mine and Mr. O - it also is so similar. The little insider things, the reality of family, the worries.. somehow I guess most couples have those and that's how Mae won me over. 

It's a unique take on the romance novel- so a different really fun storyline


But the best part of this was the character building. Each of the character felt real. I feel like I got to know the entire cast. The families were totally interesting, I could so relate to it....I mean Landon's mother- lmao, damn she reminds me of mr. O's mum, different but oh so similar 


SO one of the most moving romances I ever read. I think Mae written magic with this one. 

Entertaining, sweet, fun, unique and touching!