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The Gargoyle Gets His Girl (Nocturne Falls) (Volume 3) - Kristen Painter

The Gargoyle Get His Girl was like revisiting a favourite vacation place. You know the feeling? When you happy to be back, because the place is so beautiful and fun, but also to see the locals, that you get to know better after each visit and then there is the expectation of adventures to come and some well deserved me time thrown in with it.

That's in fact exactly what I got out of this...


Nocturne Falls is a seriously cool place and Painter more than reinforced that with the third instalment in the series.

Let me just say this first up: I am hoping that Painter is going to write many more books set in the world of Nocturne Falls. To be frank, I am thinking basically any single character that has popped up in the series would make an awesome book... But I might be able to settle for a few less, if at least we get one of each Ellingham Brother. I could possibly live with that. Then I also want one for Sam, oh well.. It's going to be hard to settle.


This is really due to the incredible Character building skill of Painter. I feel like I know the townies of Nocturne Falls, even when some of them have only been mentioned briefly.

I already liked Nick in Mailorder Bride- in fact I put him in on of my top spots of the Painter-needs-to-write-a-book-for-this-character list. So I was pleased to get to know him better. I still adore Nick, in fact I think he is one of my favourite characters in the series. I totally could relate to him, understood many of his hangups ect.

Willa was mysterious and probably a wee bit odd in the first couple of books.. And then I read the first chapter of Gargoyle and I fell in love. Honestly. I don't know if Painter make jewellery? Well, see I am a jewellery designer and she got the working of the metal somehow so right. I mean obviously taking out the magic part.. But a lot of the work is connected to ones intuition, and each metal feels distinctly different when working.. Seriously just this part is completely mind-blowing. I liked to get to know Willa and her story. Again just like the previous novels, Painter somehow does magic when it comes to character building. Well, except for some of the villains- I found the a bit too over the top.. but also very entertaining,


The world building is probably the best in the entire series. The first half of the book is set in Nocturne Falls, so if you read the previous books, then you know what to expect. Just more details are added to it. If you haven't read the previous books, enjoy discovering the magic of Nocturne Falls, since each book can be read as standalone. The world building in the second half is simply astounding. Painter created another beautifully written realm, which I should know she does expertly from all her previous works, but nevertheless I was blown away by it.


Which brings me to Painters writing style. I obviously am a fan of her works. So I don't need to mention I love her prose. Still I am astounded by her talent and craft every time I read something of hers. She has a way with words that leaves me in awe. Simply beautiful written.


The storyline is as the title says, about the Gargoyle that gets his girl. The ending is kinda a given. The frist half is a sweet and lighthearted story, which is what I had come to expect from the series. It made me smile and all happy fuzzy. I did feel the courtship between Willa and Nick went a bit too fast. I would have like some more of the delicious tension between them and more of their sweet banter. More of the commentary of the support cast as well.

Then quite exactly halfway through the whole thing changes. And suddenly we thrown into action, but more so a political explosive environment. Which I really enjoyed as well. I loved that part. I love that world building most. Except it felt like a different book.

The thing though is, that after reading it, I spent a long while thinking about The Gargoyle Get His Girl, and found myself torn. I like both halves but I was not sure if they worked together. And even now, a long while after reading it, I think of this novel in the first part and the second part. Which is why this is a tad lower rated than the other books. Don't misunderstand me. This is still a really good story. It's just a bit disjointed somehow, for me. I honestly couldn't tell you why that is exactly. It's just how I feel about it.


A wonderful, well written PNR, with interesting world building.

Now to the important question? How many more books set in Nocturne Falls will we get read? Which one's next? And most importantly will Painter write one for each Ellingham