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My Favorite KA so far

Ride Steady (Chaos) - Kristen Ashley

First up: I got to say, this is my favourite KA book so far.
Let’s face it there are mostly two kind of people in this world: The ones who adore KA and the ones who don’t. There are very few -like me who are on the fence...
My fist encounter with Ashley’s books was due to my reading buddies. They -well, most of them at least- were raving about how awesome all her books were…. this was before I actually had read any romance novels round 3years ago. Back then I mostly read fantasy and some YA. Due to some bet or challenge I lost I had to read a specific KA book. And though I didn’t hate it totally, I thought it was ok, much to the dismay of said reading buddies. They kept telling me I really should read the dream men series, kept inviting me to KA buddy reads, so long story short I finally gave in and read Rock Chicks with them.
I had to admit, I enjoyed Rock Chicks. It was cute and fun. But I was still on the fence. My biggest issue being the writing style. Well particularly the one word dialogues that seem to dominate all of KA novels.
Then a long while later I decided to give the Dream Men series a go- but as an audio…. Which honestly I still think is the best way to enjoy that series. It’s superbly narrated! Seriously fantastic.
Chaos being a spin-off from Dream Men, I got into reading it and am lucky enough to have gotten the ARCs for them.
I think looking at Ashley’s work retrospectively there are two things that become apparent. Ashley has a very clear MO.
And second, her writing is in my opinion vastly improving, which Ride Steady is the poster child for.

Now having a clear MO is probably the reason for the very clear divide between readers… So if you don’t like the quite, brooding, uberhot alpha dudes that just sort move in, settle down when before they were only up for casual; a sweet, baking, caring, pretty, normal heroine, with no hidden agenda and a huge heart and lots of back and forth (mostly one worded) dialogues - then you probably won’t enjoy this one either.
If you are a KA fan- grab this one it’s a good one!
And most importantly if you are like me sorta on the fence, if you like contemporary romance with a cool caring alpha, give this a try.
I loved this one. As I said my favourite KA so far. And the reason for it, is plain and simple the character building.
It was nice to revisit the Chaos gang. I feel like I know Chaos more and more. And also I really like the motorcycle club background - Ashley really brings the lifestyle (or at least what I imagine it to be like) through. I found myself appreciating the casts values and lifestyle -even if they not my own.
Carissa is probably one of my favourite characters Ashley has written so far. Even if she does fit the usual mould. Somehow she felt more realistic and I could totally connect with her. I love that she was always upfront and honest with everyone.
Joker/ Carson is the perfect hottie, in so many ways. And while he has issue to work through- just like Carissa- it’s done with no angst and no drama. Just simply done.
I love the relationship Joker has with the guys, especially Tack. But I also adore how he rekindles his relationship with the neighbours and his teacher.
Somehow it felt like this is more personal to KA - and it ended up more personal to me.
Which is exactly why I like Ride Steady so much.

A beautiful story about friendship, overcoming the odds and most importantly about standing with your friends. A cute romance with a good dose of smut- naturally it’s KA after all.