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I am kinda speechless.. (Excuse me while I fangirl)

Truth or Beard - Penny Reid

so so so good!




I am not sure if I say this after every book Reid publishes- but I think this is my favorite.. maybe. Then again they all so good!

Which leaves me with the current dilemma: How to review this?

I mean, how does one describe how much one likes a book- with words, not by fangirling all over the place- when on is not that good with words in the first place?


I mean, my reaction to this was just: WOW!

I felt all fuzzy and happy. I was totally blown away by how good this is. And I read every single thing Reid has published up to date. So it's not that I had low expectations. In fact my expectations were so high, I was worried. I told myself to not put the bar so high.. And what did Reid do? Well she exceeded ALL of my expectations.

Before I go on fangirling though let me just state this: Mrs Reid must be my long-lost BFF. Because not only does she tell a romance how it should be told, she is also a knitting geek with sass and the same kind of humor. The more books I read of hers the more I am convinced she should be have been in my circle of friends. Alas, I bet there are many of us around the globe that feel like that. Still I felt the need to share. (dearest Mrs. Reid please feel free do join my knitting club anytime)


ok back to the fangirling - I mean: review


Truth or Beard is a spin off from The Knitting In The City series. It works a standalone, just like all the books before. So you could totally jump in and start from here... BUT please don't do that! Do read the awesomeness that came before. It's a shame to miss out on it.

Being a spin off, it is similar as the previous series, in that each book is about a couple.


The storyline is unique to each couple and always interesting, the smut is delectable, the writing style is clever, humours and absolutely to the point, the character building AMAZING.


While I adore the plot, I can't actually describe how much I love the details Reid adds to the story. The little quirks we learn about each characters, the descriptions of places and the feels. DUDE! The feels, are incredible. I was so invested in Jessica and Duane's story that I felt heartsore for them, I felt enraged with them, I needed for things to work out and I couldn't get enough of them. I felt close to tears at times. Yep, I said that. Me, mrs hardass-I-don't-do-crying, nearly wept. Just nearly, but trust me I was devastated.

While I adore the story, I love the little details and unique bits Reid throws in. The best part about this is the character building. Hands down- freakn awesomely amazeballs.


Sorry, I shall try and tone down the fangirling. Give me a minute....




So the character building. I have read all the Knitting in the City books so I had a good idea that I would like the Winston Brothers. I also thought, I knew them pretty well and the cast of the Knitting in the City. But and that's my reason for the high rating. Reid added new layers to each and ever character. It was amazing to get to see the old cast from a different POV. I found myself excited to read about them. Like reconnecting with old friends.

Add to that, that we get to know the Winston's and their friends, family and home better. Suddenly I found myself at home in the new setting. I can't wait to read more about the Winstons.

Truth or Beard is written from Duane and Jessica's POV. Just like always, their voices are completely unique. I found myself really connecting with Jessica. I got her insecurities and the way she thinks, in a way that really resonated within me. Duane.. Le sigh.. Oh Duane. He is a hottie. No questions. By now i don't expect anything else from Reid. But he has soul and depth that surprised me. Beyond surprised me. I expected.. I dunno.. less? Don't ask me why. But would you have asked me if I think men with beards are hot- I would have totally confirmed this. I am talking a nice kinda beard obvs. But would you have asked me if I would think ginger equals sexy? Honestly, probably not. Well, I am taking that back. Because Duane, all of him, is right on top of my book boyfriend list. I think there are very very few characters that are as sexy as him.

The chemistry between Duane and Jessica is mind-boggling. It's virtually tangible. I absolutely enjoyed every second of it. I adored the back and forth, the banter and battle. I never wanted it to stop and could wait for them to finally get it on!


Yeah, I know I am doing it again.

Just hard to resist.



So basically, Truth or Beard has made it into my favorite books list. It touched me unexpectedly deep, I was moved, astounded by it's sensuality and beauty. And totally bowled over.


I can't wait for the next bit of genius Reid writes!