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Have I ever mentioned how much I love whispersync? 

I think it's the best inventions since the invention of ... well... the ebook. 

It combines two things I love reading and audio books. But not only that I get to live out a current obsession -aka current book I am reading - while working, driving, doing house chores. Any thing that means more reading time is totally welcome in my life. 

Add to that the super discounts you get on your audios... I am a very happy girl


Why am I telling you this? 


Well, Mr. O gave me his credit card today. And said, "get yourself kindleunlimited as a gift"

I think he is a keeper, after all ;)

Then he said" and while you at it, buy yourself a couple of audiobooks- weren't there two you really wanted? 

"Are you sure?", I wondered.

I was in a bit of a shock , its not any special day or anything like that...

"Yes! Oh wait. Let me set you a limit- spend like 40-50$ on the card""

I thanked him! Then went shopping

Funny how happy one gets when you can click away and get books for "free"... next I bought all the books that were on my wishlist in Audible that had whispersync

So I spent just under 38$ on ebooks and audiobooks. Feeling smug since I got 10 audiobooks out of this not just two!

So being really happy with my "bargains" I told Mr.O the total.

He raised an eyebrow: "Really? That's less than I told you to spend?"

Me: "I got what I want... for now. But if you wanna get me an other spontaneous gift in the future. Buy be an audible membership."

See how clever that was?

Mr.O laughed: "You such a geek, woman! I was thinking you wanted the apple watch... but the audible membership works as well!""


 Yep, that was not what I was expecting.

I guess I'll get my own audible membership, cause I really really want that watch. 

For now- I am going to make use of my new investments.