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okay, I need the next book. ASAP

Rebel Spring - Morgan Rhodes

The first half reminded me why I had issues with Falling Kingdoms. Again I had high expectations and felt rather let down. Rebel Spring failed to capture my attention, I found it way to melodramatic, was blase about the plot, couldn't care about the characters and wondered why some of my friends rated it as high as they did... until it suddenly all changed. 

Suddenly I was thinking about possible scenarios, felt devastated about certain twists of events and well couldn't put it down. In the second half of Rebel Spring Rhodes suddenly met all my expectations, in fact she even went beyond them.

Rhodes writing is wonderful, except for a tendency for melodramatics, which is the reason I expect loads from her novels. Rebel Spring, just like Falling Kingdoms, is written beautifully - which is why I kept going even when the characters and plot made me wanna DNF.


The plot was slow and uber-melodramatic in the first half. The second half suddenly things shift and so much is happening, the end leaving me reeling. I just want more now. Seriously, I do. Would you have asked me if I will read the next book at 40% of Rebel Spring, my response would have been: Nope. Not happening. Now? I will read it as soon as I can! (already went and got The Gathering Storm- whisper syncing that one!)
I think I need to clarify that there is plenty of action in the first half. Lots of fighting and romance stuff happening. But I felt like nothing significant to the actual matter happened. It was all very emotional, very well, melodramatic. There was a lot of mystery added to the world building, lots of romantic prospects and well tons of love triangles . And I had more and more questions- with no answers in sight.


The world building of the series is in many parts intriguing. But I would like a wee bit more. I have so many gaps when it comes to the world and I want Rhodes to give me more. I am very hopeful that Gathering Storm will fill those gaps.Since retrospectively I have to say that while for my taste there isn't quite enough world building done in the series so far, Rhodes does it slowly over the two books, and what I got was great.


Rebel Spring has a huge cast of characters, just like Falling Kingdoms. And just like Falling Kingdoms, it is written in multiple POV. And let me tell you, we talking LOADS. When I started reading Rebel Spring I was a bit lost at first- mainly due to my atrocious name memory, but soon I kept up easily. In fact I am beyond impressed by it. The POV are written in third person, but Rhodes manages to give the different characters a clear and recognisable voice. Which is awe inspiring. The character building is one of my favorite parts of the book- besides the intrigues and all that. It was a pleasure to watch all these characters evolve and change- especially the young ones. While I had problems connecting with most of them in the first half- I suddenly found I was really invested in the second half. And I actually am pondering over the solving of the multiple love triangles... I know,right?! I am miss I-hate-and-loath-love-triangles but well, what can I say? I kinda have ideas of how I want things to work out... and well I wanna know how Rhodes will work them out.
Note to the author: Please don't break my heart!


The best part was the mystery and intrigues in the second half. It is like Rhodes used 1.5 books to come to this! And darn, it is brilliant! Seeing that things aren't black and white- but a whole lot of grey. Rhodes made me feel like I am watching an intricate and brilliant game of chess with loads of players. Me trying to anticipate the next move of each play. I gotta say on a couple of occasions, I really didn't see the twists coming. Shocking, exciting and fascinating.

Which is exactly why I am going to read the next one, ASAP.


3.5Stars, because the first half would have only gotten 2 but the second half gets a whooping 4.5...