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WOW! So many surprises

The Vampire's Mail Order Bride (Nocturne Falls, #1) - Kristen Painter

The Vampire's Mail Order Bride left me surprised on so many levels. 


First I was surprised how light hearted this was. It's really a total cute & fluffy PNR. I kinda expect this to be more, well, I don't know actually. Just I guess her previous works I've read are heavier- less cute. Which doesn't actually have any impact on how much I enjoy reading Painter's works. Just like with every other book I read of hers, VMOB is written superbly well. Painters prose is as always beautiful and has depths. So no surprise here. Just utter enjoyment.


The story line. Well, let me tell you. I thought after reading around 10% that I had it all pegged down... and then I got surprised. Because well this is a fun, cute PNR. And we set out with the whole Mail Order Bride thingy.... hence I thought, well I got it all worked out.. Then Painter went and changed the ballgame, and left me well surprised. She managed to do that on several occasions in this novel. Every time I thought - I have it all worked out... she gave the story a different twist. So the plot is action packed, fun, cute and with some great surprises. 


The character building was done well. And again there were characters I kinda thought I had totally worked out, then Painter threw me out of the loop by simply showing a different side to them. Saying this I should mention, that I wasn't surprised by how meticulous Painter's character building was. It's just like in her previous works. Well done. I liked the MCs, loved their sense of humour. But I more so enjoyed the entire crew. I really feel like I got to know the crew from Nocturnal Falls - and I wanna read more about them.


Talking about humour. This is really witty. It's a fun take on the entire PNR craze and it had me snickering on many occasions.


The world building is clever. It's set in this time and age, but with all the classic supernaturals you can think of. Which kind of surprised me. Her previous works were much heavier when it comes to world building. But honestly, the way this is done, is perfect. It's just the right thing for the setting and story. 


And lastly I was kinda surprised that there was no explicit smut. Let me point out the I couldn't care less. I love the way Painter written the entire romance. And even sans smut this sizzles. There is so much chemistry between Delaney and Hugh, which for me was more than enough.


My only problem? I wanted more! I am hoping that there will be more of these.

But.... Painter hasn't said if there would be more and how many, or when .. nor who they will be about. 



I was happy and all smiles after finishing The Vampire's Mail Order Bride, which I simply devoured. Thoroughly entertaining and one of the best cute & fluffies in 2015!


So if you looking for a fun and entertaining PNR, that is exceptionally well written? 

This is a must read.