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Interesting but too short

Ever Night - Gena Showalter

I like the idea of this, the world building is well done. Very cool, different yet it reminds me of several other if my favorite PNR

The writing is great. I actually haven't read much of Showalter, this kinda cemented that I really should read more...

The character building is good in some aspects and rather meh in others
I liked the MCs - I liked their struggles and their relationship with others...
I liked their spunk and strength
But then they went from hardass to soppy in three seconds- And it made me kinda crinch internally

I kinda had the same issues with the plot- starts off uber good- and ended too mooshy for me
I mean I did like the end- don't misunderstand me. I really did. BUT the change was way to sudden. It felt impossible
The romance felt rushed at the end as well.
And while in the beginning I was all in with the instas at the end of this it felt just a bit too much.

All in all- very entertaining and enticing read. But I wish Showalter would have made this into a longer story- since the end felt rushed and abrupt
Still I hope she will write more set in this world!