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Carmack did it again

All Played Out: A Rusk University Novel - Cora Carmack

Quite frankly I don't even know where to start. This was good. So so good.  My first reaction was that this was probably the best Carmack book so far. But then, I can't really say that AGAIN, since I say that after every single book of hers... And after thinking about it, I still believe this is one of her best works so far. 

The thing about Carmack is that in my opinion her writing is getting better. I mean I don't know how she does it but it just does. I loved her writing style from the first book, and I am totally one of her stalker readers.. ok don't worry I mean that in the most harmless way possible. I refer to the fact that I check her twitter regularly, I follow her on basically every social network site she is on. Even on Instagram - which is quite an admission to my stalker issues with her, since I usually only follow people whose photography I fangirl over on IG... I actually blame this solely on Carmack, by the way. Having met her at BEA 2014 has cemented my adoration, she is one of the nicest people I've met there. And let me tell you, most of the peps at BEA were seriously nice- so yeah, I am a total fangirl. Now what does that have to do with her books or this book? Well, I have very high expectations. Since All Lined up is one of my favorite books ever, and well I expected this one to be good. Very good. And you know what? The thing that shocked me so much? All Played Out exceeded my expectation BY MILES. Carmack somehow managed to get even better, so much better again. 


This is mostly due to the great character building. The group of dudes are just swoon worthy, mean each and everyone of them is just super hot. But Carmack doesn't rely on their cocky hotness, she infuses each one with quirks and faults - just the right amount that makes you wanna be part of the group. And more importantly, you feel like you know them. And she doesn't rest on her lawrels when it comes to characters from previous books- nope she makes one see a different angle to them, a different side..

And you all know I am a total sucker for character driven novels. So Carmack has me there. 


The story line is cute and fluffy. You know you romance with it's quirks. I read each book of this series in on sitting. It's entertaining and easy to read. And when you done you just want more. 


A quick not to the style of this, this sorta written around Nell's to do list. Which adds a really quirky amusing note to the book. Especially if you a list writing geek like moi. I seriously found myself laughing at some her items, even more so because I know would be capable of writing it myself. Total stroke of genius by Carmack!



But actually all this is not what always surprises me. No it actually is that; somehow Carmack takes a fun and entertaining cute and fluffy storyline adds a bunch of amazing and realistic characters and adds surprising depths to it. After reading this series I find myself moved by the aspects she touches and I find myself pondering about much more than just the super cute side of them. What else can we ask for? Not much quite frankly. Just that Carmack should keep writing! 


A must read in 2015!