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Harber wins me for forever..

Only Forever - Cristin Harber




What a fitting ending.

An ending that left me all happy and fuzzy. - and wanting more of Harber's kickass hotties.


The last instalment of the Only Series picks up right where Only for Us left off, a rather crueling but very expected cliffy.

But Harber managed to absolutely surprise me. Because I would have bet anything there is drama coming. I so thought I knew where the plot is going, then BAM.. and I was in the deep end again. I didn't expect THAT.

So the plot of this one; surprising for the first bit, swoon worthy and filled with closure for the rest.

There is plenty of action, some sizzles and a huge helping of uber-cute in this instalment.

Mostly though I am just surprised. I didn't expect that Harber will give me the cute & fluffy with a twist. I got my HEA, but not as sugary as I expected, I got drama but totally not the kind I was expecting. And for me this is the best part of Only Forever.


Now that I finished this epic journey with Gray and Em, it is nearly impossible to not compare the serials and look at the story as a whole.

And my first thought of it: A job well done. Harber nailed the serial thingy. Each part is unique and fabulous. Each part managed to surprise me, each part made me expect more and each of them delivered. And each part, retrospectively makes sense. I mean each part is somewhat a finished chapter in the story. Seriously it's very well done and I hope Harber will be doing another one.


I have on several occasions mentioned that I love Harber's writing. Only Forever was no exception. It's a well crafted novella. But more so after I finished it, I realised that while I would not describe myself as a suspense romance reader- Harber kinda just made me one.

She has just the right balance between the googey happy bits, the action and the sizzles, and all that is wrapped up in some good character building.


I love all the guys. I really really do. First they are totally swoon worthy. BUT more importantly, they all unique. I feel like I know them, I know their quirks and what haunts them... Same goes for the gals. Harber created some great characters, each one unique and likeable, but also totally human and with their fair share of flaws.

I mean Grayson...



(Or any of the other hotties)

Am I the only one hoping there will be a book for Ryan? Sure not...*hint hint*


A satisfying ending to a well crafted and entertaining serial. A must read for lovers of the genre.

And if you not one for serials? Only Forever will be released this Tuesday (5/18/15) - so read the entire series then ;)


Oh and guess what I will be reading soon? Yep, I shall finish the Titan series. I've been waiting for more Audiobook releases of the Titan series... but oh well, I'll just have to imagine Jeffrey Kafer's voice reading it to me.