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Why on earth did I read this?

Melting the Ice - Jaci Burton

I am not sure why I kept reading this. Around a third in I was bored by it. But I kept going ... Half way it was clear to me that this will never be my kinda book ... And still I kept going.
When I finally finished it- it felt like a huge achievement to get to the end of this book - I felt relieve that I was done. And ever since I am wondering WHY on earth I kept reading it?
Clearly this is not my kind of book.

The plot bored me, the smut left me totally cold and the characters - well honestly - even if I could ignore that they were uber- cliche - the dialogues were woody and well, beyond cliche...

And still I read the entire thing? I think because I had hopes that this could be better- would get better ... The idea though not the most inventive- a sports hottie falling for his best friends sister-- could have been sooooo good

Oh and the dude is a hockey player... I mean this should be good right? But well it wasn't.
I love hockey but even the hockey scenes did not work for me at all. They felt formulated and woody. 

So why did I keep reading? I don't know!! I can tell why I started it though- have you seen the cover? Yep, I am at times a cover slut (ok I totally am one, always) Add to that the promise of a a hockey cute and fluffy.. You got me! Apparently even when I end up not enjoying it at all

All in all lots of promise sadly it was all delivered in a too cliche and formulated way - just not my thing