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Black Balled - Andrea Smith, Eva LeNoir

For real?
This entire thing has left me speechless!

Look quite frankly I have never read any of Smith;s books, I actually cant say if I enjoy them or not. But what I can say is: We readers and reviewers are not just idle bystanders. We are buyers as well.
Us lot, those who buy and read the books those clever authors write, we got our own opinions and likes- and some of us write those down. NOW: this might not be to the liking of the authors- that doesn't make our opinions less valuable nor is said opinion- also known as a review- a personal attack on the authors. The book was just not to the liking of us...you know, it happens! different strokes and all.

I don't read books based on their rating by the way. I read them because I like the blurb ( and the cover ;)), I read the reviews and if some of my GR friends read them Ill ask them if they think I would enjoy it. So a bad review doesn't necessarily put me off a book.

I am not interested in reading SMEAR CAMPAIGNS- I don't care if they black parody or whatever. As Smith pointed out: Anyone can write them as much as they want, but I refuse to read them. Be that a really insulting review or an insulting book. I don't agree with people attacking authors personally.
And I will not stand for people attacking my friends! - I wont stand by and watch authors attack reviewers either!
IF Smith really wanted to write a piece of black parody to make us think about the dynamics - as she claims
WHY use a reviewers name?! This is just attention seeking slander!
Let me not get started on the fact that Smith compared this herself to Charlie Hebdo.....it's insulting on so many levels.

I will not waste my reading time nor my money on it!