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Only for Him - Cristin Harber

First off if you not into serials this is not for you. Just thought I'll mention that.

Because Harber decided to publish this in a novella serial, four of them to be exact. I personally quite love them. Well at least I like the idea of it, until I realise I am gonna have to wait nearly two month to get the next crumb. And that's what this felt like a crumb. I was given a tiny taster. The amazing thing? I am hooked.


In this short amount of time Harber made me care for Grayson and Emma. I am invested in them, their story. Even if the beginning was a wee bit melodramatic at time. Then again, they are in their late teens. It comes with the territory. The group of friends are sweet, the relations ship between Grayson and Emma adorable. I love their chemistry, the smut is delectable...

It's your usual teen cute & fluffy. Until it suddenly isn't anymore. There is a huge twist at the end. One I didn't really see coming. Well, at least Emma's part of it. And the mega cliffy left me hanging in the air. Literally.

I have no idea what happened. I am totally shell shocked.


And I just want more.Correction. I need more.


Which is in my opinion the best reference I could give Harber actually.

The plot is short, sweet and with a wicked twist, the character building while a bit cliche, is well done and the writing style is great, just as expected from Harber


What I can say is that I see Harber's MO when it comes to Grayson. Emma, I can just not even fathom, let's just not go there, I just can't. It's brilliant master stroke on Harbers side. That garanties that I shall be reading the next 3... whenever I manage to get my hands on them that is. Did I mention TWO months?!!


Which brings me back to the beginning, if you have issues with serials, this might not be your kinda thing. Well, actually, wait until the last is published and read them all in one go.

A must for fans of the genre and the author.