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Solitaire - Alice Oseman

I am so sorry BUT I just can't read another page of this. Forget a page, not even another sentence! 

DNF at 40%



This is so not for me.

At first I wasn't sure if I was a fan of the writing style. But then I decided that, while I was not really my cup of tea, I also don't mind it that much. Still it meant that this would take me a wee bit longer to read, also that it wouldn't get 5stars just based on that alone.


But soon, I stop caring about the writing style, because as the story was unfolding something else started grate on me: namely the setting. Well, of course this is fiction, it's imaginary. But it is supposed to be a contemporary novel, in fact this has been compared to John Green's works... well, the setting of this is just impossible. The last girls school that has coed for last two years? YEAH right... But let's not forget the Solitaire setting. First that possibiltiy that said domain would be free is lets say... ZERO... then the group hacks the entire school. These kids are some uber- genius techies? Sorry but this seems just beyond possible. I actually found the whole Solitaire mystery not very enticing, but oh well...


I would have not mind any of the above that much, if this would have been a great character driven novel. BUT and that's where I just gave up. I really really dislike Tori.

She is pessimistic at best. Snarky, lies just for no reason, hates the entire world. Has a super weird relationship with her mother- for no apparent reason but that she doesn't really like her?? - in fact she doesn't seem to like anyone really. Her relationship with Becky- is ... well depressing. She has no other friends to speak off. Which is beyond sad. 

And she is uber-bitchy to everyone around. She hates reading.. (yeah well, sorry but as a reader, I just can't related to her after that)

BUT the cherry on top of all that? She is totally condescending. She thinks she is so above everyone else. And I mean everyone. Lucas, Becky, her mother, well, really every single character in the book. Her snarky comments about everyone annoyed the crap out of me. 

I mean I was not a happy clappy pink fuzzy teen. Hell, I still am not any of those things. 

I would have enjoyed sarcastic and snarky- but this is bordering mean. And well, I decided, Tori and I are never going to work.