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Scenes from the City: A Knitting in the City Wintertime Surprise - Penny Reid

What an awesome little gem.
There are 4 shortstories all set in different times. I love this series. So I enjoyed re-visiting the couples and even more to get to know Fiona and Greg better. I can't wait to read Fiona and Gregs story. In fact I hope we gonna hear more about what happened after the short story in here.

Hurry and get this, since it is only available until the 12/15/14!



Here is some background info I ruthlessly copied from Penny Reid.



**Some background information** I decided last year that I wanted to give my readers a "gift" for all their amazing support and love for the Knitting in the City ladies; but I struggled with how to do this/the method of gift delivery.

**The plan** I don't want to give too much away, so I'll just tell you the following:
1) Some of you love all the ladies equally, some of you have favorites. I didn't want any of the ladies/readers to be left out, so I decided to write *something* for all the ladies who have already had a book PLUS something for Fiona and Greg... because their book will be next.
2) This Festivus Surprise is $0.99 cents because I can't make it free on Amazon without enrolling in KDP select; if I enroll in KDP select, then my Kobo, iTunes, and B&N readers will not be able to download it.
3) I still wanted it to be a "gift" so I decided to give the $0.35 per book away to a charity. So... it may be a gift that costs you $0.99, but all of my portion will go to giving children gifts for Christmas/ Hanukkah, etc.
4) In essence, I'm giving a gift to you and you're giving a gift to some kids someplace. #WinWin

ALSO! This "gift" of a novella/collection of short scenes will go live December 1 and only be available until December 15. After that it goes away forever. Just... FYI.