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Took me long enough... but I finally got there

Grim - Christine   Johnson, Ellen Hopkins, Julie Kagawa, Amanda Hocking

This took me only 10months to read... well, I read at first one story a week... wrote reviews for each.. then I kinda put it aside and never got back into it. Till one day - well today actually - I decided that this was ridiculous and I read the entire thing in one go. 


So why did it take me this long?!


I love anthologies. I have a fondness for short stories. They like the little treat in-between, the unexpected surprise in the middle of a work day. 

Still I found this difficult to get through. 

I think part of the problem was that I did this the wrong way and the other I have this in the wrong format. 

I strongly recommend others to get a hardcopy of this. Because in my opinion this should be a coffee table book. It does look pretty enough for starters. But also as I said, when you relaxing and feel like a tidbit of reading this might be your mini-fix. If this would be the case my other advise flip the book open and read the stories randomly at your on pleasure. 

So since I don't have an hardcopy and I got the ARC of this, I found myself never doing said procedure, which is a huge part why this took me so long.

The other reason was simply I set myself a too high goal writing a review for each and every short story- meant I didn't pick this up because I had no time to review it straight after... simply to ambitious of me


Now the book itself has some seriously good stories in them and some that I didn't like.

Since this is written by different authors this was to be expected. 

I actually should confess that I am always always really skeptical when there is a fairytale retelling involved. Because frankly when Disney went a called a movie Rapunzel that had absolutely nothing AT ALL to do with the original fairytale - which happened to be on of  my favorites when I was a child,  by the way- I was beyond disappointed. I could simply not like the film. So now I am always always wary.

And while Grim is really fabulously done, I am still not convinced it is my favorite genre. I think I prefer new stories... or maybe I just grew out of fairytales? Who knows?

Still this a great gift for lovers of anthologies, the genre and books.

And in fact I shall procure a hardcopy for those cold days in front of the fire when I feel like a little treat.