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ARC REVIEW: Frostblood by Elly Blake

Frostblood (The Frostblood Saga) - Elly Blake I am just like so many times lamenting about how to rate this... I think it's around 2.5Stars. So not quite good but way better than ok. Hence I am rounding it up. I wouldn't have wavered in the first half. But the second half sadly highlighted my problems with the book. Let's first talk about the world building. It's my favorite part of the book. I like the mythology Blake built around the Frostblood Saga. We given little bits as the story unfolds, forming an interesting background to the storyline. The reader gets thrown into the deep end at the beginning of the book, but one gets to discover a world of elemental magic, beasts of different origins, characters driven by power and idealism. While I am not completely wowed by the world building, I did like it. It is your classic high fantasy set up for sure and has loads of potential. I am a little divided when it comes to character building. I liked Ruby well enough. I get where she was coming from and in the first half of the novel I could relate to her. BUT then she felt just like the rest of the entire cast a little to formulaic. Too thought through and too scripted. The story line is where my biggest issue lies. It was completely predictable. I mean completely. I knew where this is going from the beginning. I could have told you each twist and turn a mile ahead. Despite that I rather enjoyed the first half. I found myself caught up in Ruby's struggles, in her growing friendships with the people around her. I even quite enjoyed the romance, however cliche it might be. The second part however, while there was way more action, the whole thing felt even more predictable. I knew exactly where Blake was going next. The big revelations had me yawning. Not only that I found myself rather annoyed with the weird unnecessary love-triangle. I just wondered why Blake had to go there? Couldn't she keep that cliche out? Now I feel like I should mention that I have read a lot of fantasy books in my life. I've been reading epic fantasy since I was 9 years old after all. Which means, I have a lot to compare to. But also that I have a lot of expectations. I have a feeling that readers who haven't read half as many might enjoy this more than I did. So while I like the first half and I enjoyed the action scenes, I found myself wondering if I am going to read the next novel. At the end of this one, I didn't feel the urge to read the next. Yet... for the first time since I started the series, I am not sure where Blake is going to take this next.. and it has me wondering.. Guess I'll be reading Fireblood after all.

The perils of a cover slut

Play Me - Katie McCoy Maybe I had to high expectations? I dunno. The cover is uhm... nice, the blurb is enticing.. and then I got a whole bunch of cliche The writing style is not particularly nice and I couldn't care less about the characters. The storyline though is beyond predictable and a lot of been there and done that, I got really bored. Pitty. I think the blurb sounds still bloody good. And the cover... well I am a cover slut after all ;)


Beard in Waiting - Penny Reid

OMG!! FABULOUS I want more!!!!!! Great little story about two unexpected characters. Reid managed to make me see both of them in a completely different light It's super swoony, cute and surprisingly hot. I so hope they will get a full length book. {Preeeetty please?} Now I have to go back to waiting for more from Mrs. Reid.

Brilliantly written

Hell Breaks Loose: A Devil's Rock Novel - Sophie Jordan This is so well written. Let me tell you! Brilliant. I was sure I wasn't going to fall for the Stockholm Syndrome love affair.. BUT I so so did. I adore Reid. Completely fell for him. Really like Grace as well. Love their chemistry and totally got their attraction and all that. The thing that however didn't work for me: the last bit of the story line. There is this huge build up. Then the reckoning is supposedly happening.. and it was just meh. Somehow it just fizzled out. *warning! There might be some minor spoilers after this* I mean what was she thinking walking through the front door knowing what Sullivan had planned? But even worse the reaction of her father, and well actually I would have been fine with that sorta. Except that then they just decided to go another way - the end. Also the sudden big love declarations felt too rushed. It was too much. The end felt too convenient and rushed. Still bloody brilliantly written. I can't wait for the next novel!!
Anything You Want - Geoff Herbach

To be honest, I think I am so not the target audience of this book.
I have a feeling that this would be much more liked by guys than by girls.
I am not a girly girl and in fact I love dude books quite often. I simply quite often used to think that's such a dude thing to say.
I mean Taco is your happy go lucky teen- who behaves as horny and stupid as many teens do. Half the time he was behaving like an utter child most of the time he was totally ignorate. I actually think alot of teens are a bit like - well they think they really grown up but actually are really not, and sadly plenty of them are totally irresponsible.
I don't particularly mind him, but I just couldn't relate.

I also couldn't relate to the humor half the time.

Which brings me to the marketing of this. I really think it is misleading.
Actually: Very misleading. I kinda expected something funny, cute & fluffy- it was not that.
I'm not sure what the cover has to do with the book?

I would love to know what guys think of this!

A Walk in the Sun - Michelle Zink

A Walk in the Sun did touch me deeply.
A story about loss and moving on. Yet also story about love and new beginnings.
This is not a cute & fluffy, nor is it exciting and fun.
It is a slow paced story that examines first love, coming of age and dealing with loss. And also in the end the reality of fear and new beginnings. It's beautiful.

My favorite part about this is definitely the way Zink managed to actually convey these themes. And also her descriptions of the farm and the life surrounding it. It's so far removed from all the glitz and glam, all the melodramas and excitement. I felt the solitude of the location and I could vividly imagine the way it feels being there.

The plot was slow, at times a wee bit too slow for me. I kept switching between the other books I was reading, which was for said reason. But also because this isn't a light read. It's not complicated or heavy. But I felt it needed my complete attention. I read at the ocean or first thing on my balcony on sunrise. Somehow it felt appropriate to, it enhanced the beautiful setting, the slow pace and it made me appreciate the beauty of the book more.

The character building was done extremely well. In fact this it totally character driven. There are a interesting side casts. And then there are the two MCs. The story is told in third person in alternating POVs. I think I would have prefered a first person narration. This is such a personal book, I felt like the third person was keeping me at an arm's lengths. Bodhi and Rose are both interesting and alone. But also somehow wise beyond their years. I loved their love for farming but also could relate to their yearning for traveling. They seem at opposites to each other in the beginning, but slowly as they get to know each other their similarities become apparent.

The romance was ok. I loved the slow burn of it. But I am not sure how I felt about their insta-connection...Then there is Will. He felt kinda planted in, well at least the issues with him. Somehow in compare to the story, it was like Zink decided she wanted to throw in some drama. In my opinion it was superfluous- in fact at times it was a bit annoying.

It's a book for someone who is looking for something beautiful, touching and romantic.

Kinda different from what I expected...

The Society - Jodie Andrefski

Actually to be completely honest, this isn't quite what I expected.
Though I am not quite sure what I expected... It's not like the blurb is inaccurate.
In fact after starting this I went and reread the blurb, and I reread it again after I finished. So I wouldn't be able to tell you why I expected this to be different. I kinda just did.
I think I expected more cute&fluffy? Possibly more angst and high-strung drama? Again I actually don't know.
And while I have been flaxing on about how this is different, let me point out that I did enjoy The Society very much. This is very near 4.5 Stars in fact.

The plot is really intriguing and it kept me on my toes. Though some twists were clear others were surprising, somehow the balance between anticipation and surprise was met perfectly. I loved each little twist and turn, each mishap and each happy fortune. Right until the end, and somehow it was to perfect for me? And there is a question mark because, well I am not sure why I feel like that. I mean it's not picture perfect, but I think the epilogue though it's nice, was kinda what was too much happy-clappy for me, it kinda took away from the story somehow. Even if I loved it.
Andrefski knows how to pace a story and how to keep her readers engaged.

I love each quote at every chapter. I really really love the choice of them, kinda little foreboding messengers of what is to come. Brilliant little literary tool used with absolute perfection.

In many ways that describes Andrefski style. It's a well thought-through and executed novel. The story is all told from Sam's POV. It's a well told story. But more so Andrefski manages to tell it without judgment. It's simply told. There is no wrong or right. It's simply what happened.
And while morally we shouldn't agree with some of the things that Sam does, we aren't given the impression that Andrefski doesn't agree. On the other hand, we are made to get where Sam is coming from. Again there is no righteousness put out there. I mean Sam does justify why she is doing whatever she is doing, but that's it. It's simply put not black and white but grey.
And I really like this. Because it makes this non-preachy and incredibly human.

The character building as a result of this is really interesting. Most characters end up having many layers, they become way more complex that you'd expect at the beginning. There is no true villain in this. Even if at first you feel there is, at the end while I still don't quite get where Jessica was coming from- I have never managed to relate to bullying, it simply doesn't make sense to me - we get a glimpse of the fact that there is more to her as well.
I think essentially Andrefski really got many situations just right, the little awkward cattiness between girls, let's face it we have all experienced that. She describes it brilliantly!
The insecurity of first love, or taking a friendship further...Odd little things about teens, unique to heir characters but also things we all did and felt- it's there.
Sam is a brilliantly written lead. Her anger, her frustration, her fears and her utter loneliness made me completely get why she did all the stuff she did. Add to that her confusion and her bravery. It does make her a really likable character. And then she hits rock bottom and I wanted to shake her. Yet she does somehow come to terms with her past, she faces the consequences of her actions and she discovers her own strength. Flawed yet likeable makes her very human and her braveness while being in some ways her downfall it's also most redeeming.

The Society essentially is about bullying- and it's effects, the cowardice around it, in many way it's mechanics as well. It is also a book about revenge and it's consequences.
I think Andrefski did a brilliant job at highlighting bullying. Looking at it from one of the victims POV but also the other side, when the victim essentially decides to flip things upside down.
I have to mention, I personally have no experience with the subject. As I said I simply don't get why someone bully others- and I am fortunate enough never having been bullied. I would love to hear what a victim would have to say about The Society. Can they relate as much to Sam as I did? Do they like the storyline?

So while it is a captivating easy read and there is a nice bit of romance- let me warn you it's slooooooow burn but o so sweet- it left me thinking about a serious subject.
As I said: so much more that I expected.

Romancing the Nerd - Leah Rae Miller

Let's face it: I am geek. I closet one- but yeah well I totally am.
But Miller made me wonder if I need to get my nerd on...
Seriously the LRP, the dress-up stuff. The first time ever I got why people do this, more even I thought I could enjoy it
And that's just one aspect why I thoroughly enjoyed Romancing The Nerd. This is cute&fluffy with a good helping of nerd- but actually it's also kind of more.
Because we get to explore the whole popular thing with Zelda, and more so though, we get reminded that people aren't black and white. Just because someone likes LRP doesn't mean they can't be interested in sports as well...
Zelda's journey and character growths was amazing. I found her extremely opinionated and while I loved her sass and her POV- that particular part was annoying. I kept thinking she is like an old stuck-up woman when it comes to her views of people!
In fact it is amazing how Dan comes across as the opposite in the beginning but is actually just like Zelda. Both of them discover that there is more to a person that meets the eye...

I loved the romance, it's super cute, it's geeky/nerdy and just swoon-worthy. On that alone I can only recommend this one.
Add to that the great humor. And you got an awesome book.

While I enjoyed the fun & cute story line. This novel shines with character building. While we start off, with a clear picture on who is who- I kinda thought in fact, we going to have the normal YA cute&fluffy high school cast- Miller gave all characters layers and depths as the story went on.
It was nice to revisit Maddie and Logan from The Summer I Became A Nerd as well. I am really glad I read that novel, even if this one totally works as a standalone- I felt like seeing old friends and I got their connection. It was cool to see them from Zelda and Dan's POV as well.

It's a cute, swoony spring read for all nerds and non-nerds alike!

The Geography of You and Me - Jennifer E. Smith

So quite frankly somehow I am sitting here, wondering what I actually expected from this. But all I can say not really what I got.
I mean this is quite cute. I was hoping for a cute & fluffy. And I guess it is. Maybe, or at least some bits.
There is plenty of angst- but hey they teenies. I didn't mind that. I don't get the whole awkward phase thing, though.
Then the parents, are totally blase - but wait! we talking teenies!!!
The snail mail situation... uhm cute but who still does that? Ok well, I do but NO what'sapp, fb or email? Not even my granny does that!
The end yeay, cute and fab, but I was sorta over it all by then.
Basically the plot is rather unrealistic.
I enjoyed the writing style
So: my issue? I was bored most of the time. I kept kinda expecting something. Well, don't ask me what. Actually: Anything more.
I liked the night on the roof. But then, I just was given banal daily bore. I wish there was less family dynamics and all that, but more cute & fluffy instead.
Sadly not really my thing

Heartbreaker (Unbreakable Book 1) - Stone Bastion, Kat Bastion

Heartbreaker is another good book written by Kat and Stone Bastion. This being a spin off series of No Weddings starring Cade's Sister. But it also is a standalone.

When I found out that this is Kiki as in Cade's sister, I was even more excited about the book. I should mention I only made the connection after I started the book. (I blame my atrocious name memory.)
But in that moment my expectation went another notch up. I should mention, that I have read and enjoyed every book that the Bastion's have published so far- so my expectations weren't low
And Heartbreaker in many way did meet those expectations. Some not so much.

The prose is beautiful and descriptive. Just like always.

This is a slow romance- no fast insta plot here. Nope, just like in No Weddings, these two decided to be friends... yeah, exactly. THAT works really well...lol
There are many amazing moments. The drumming for example. While I am not a drummer by no means. I loved the drumming scenes. I also loved the descriptions of the running... Bastion's at their best!

And just like before this is character driven. And the character building is great. If you read No Weddings you have met quite a few of the support cast already. I was beyond stalked to visit them again. I loved reading about Cade and Hanna. Seeing them from a different POV. But also the rest of the gang. Add to that Darren's peps and you got a interesting and dynamic support cast.
I adore Darren. He is an amazing character. He totally made it into my book boyfriend list. Perfection in my books.
While I was beyond excited to read Kiki's story. I also was most disappointed by her. I just can't wrap my head around her age. Actually, to be exact her immaturity. She is so childish and totally immature. She behaved more like a 17 year old than her actual age. And as the book went on, I found it more and more exasperating.
Her reason for her behaviour when it comes to relationships was..odd? I mean that's all? I guess she is sensitive, but... Really? She is not the only girl this has happened too. And the rest of the world kinda moves on... it's been nearly 10 years for heaven sake!
And the rest? I get that some things are difficult to deal with- trust me I am crap at those things as well- BUT wait so long, the bury one's head in the sand and pretend it's not happening? Again how old is she?
All of this came across more as a spoil rich girl than the sensitive insecure artist that I think she was supposed to portray.
PS the boys rescue?! Freakn AWESOME SAUCE!
But then I also have to say Kiki did do a lot of growing up. I love that she did move on, that she did the run and the last chapter was awesome! After being kinda not impressed with Kiki for most of the book, I totally loved her then. Suddenly I completely loved her. Just amazing!

My other issue, while I liked Darren and Kiki grew on me. I missed their chemistry. I mean, it was kinda written... But I didn't feel it. Not if you compare it to any of the previous books. The smut.. yeah... again I actually read better by Bastion.

I am not sure if my extremely high expectations were detrimental here...
Still a solid romance. Well written, a great male lead, many amazing moments and a fabulous HEA.
Oh and I can't wait for Mase's book!!

Cute.. but I want more

Pieces of You and Me - Erin Fletcher

3.5 Stars

So the Blurb had it just right... Exactly right. I didn't want to change anything about Chase.
Totally the desirable tortured hero.
Well, until at about 85% that is then. I just wanted to smack him.
But let's backtrack and start at the beginning.

Just like Fletcher's previous novel, I enjoyed her writing. She is great at writing unique special moments and even better at writing about tortured heros.

As I already said I loved Chase. I felt for him, and with him. His love for art was beautifully described, his lethargia was well described and somehow understandable. The way he got away with things, was scary in that it is realistic, sadly. But there was no character growth until the last chapter. He was so tortured so caught up in his own fears- which by the way most of it was only hinted at, there are still a gazillion questions I was just left with. All we are told: 5 years ago he was this sweet nerd, now he is a tortured misfit. How he got from the first to the latter, we only got fed tidbits here and there.
Rylee being his polar opposite today, was his best friend during their nerd times... Now she has a group of friends and seems pretty popular. While I did like Rylee most of the time. Actually to be honest I liked the Rylee that was with Chase. I didn't much care for her action around her friends.
The fact that she didn't tell them about her nerdy-side for example struck me as odd. But more so that she didn't stand up for what she wanted. It annoyed me like hell. I kept thinking they supposedly her friends, but Mya acted half the time more like a mother hen and the other half Rylee acted like if she'd be honest they would all desert her.
I did like the support cast. Even if I found some of them a bit too much. I loved the parents of Chase, their disfunction and lostness, was upsetting but I love how Fletcher made them so human.

The plot had some amazing moments. I loved the notebook. I loved the skateboarding... lots of good moments. BUT it was too short, or actually things changed suddenly and all seemed fine. The End.
There was this great build up, then the slight disappointing big bang and well, a minute of groveling, and HEA. It was just too fast. Considering all that had happened before. All those hints, all the problems and then it was just, ok now all is good. It my biggest issue with the book. The last 15% felt rushed. It's like Fletcher just decided to call it a day. It was a bit anticlimactic but also rather disappointing. I expected somehow more. And I still feel like there should have been more. Fletcher did an amazing job at setting things up, making me wonder what exactly drove Chase, but the it all unraveled way to speedy and we are left with loads of questions and well hoping that Fletcher is publishing another book soon. It lacking the depth it was setup for.

A good cute & fluffy, that was sadly too short and a wee bit rushed at the end.

Feeling kinda divided.. but yet I want more!

My Perfect Mistake (Over the Top) - Kelly Siskind

This left me totally divided. I adore bits and loathed others... But mostly My Perfect Mistake made clear that, Siskind's writing will keep me reading anything she throws at me!

I loved Siskind's prose in previous books. But then I also liked the storyline and loved the characters. With My Perfect Mistake it became clear that I am hooked by her writing. Whenever I put the book down and thought about it- there were so many things I found agitating. I am not a huge fan of some of the characters for examples, it's too insta, not sure about the plot... BUT the moment I started reading I was hooked, I didn't care about all the things I will be ranting in a bit. NOPE. Not at all. I gobbled it all nicely up. And that my friends is fantastic writing in my books.

The plot starts off as super-insta-lust. Then take a turn to wait-we-might-have-a-connection to let's-play-coy to full-on-love-and-happiness, another drama-that-makes-wanna-punch-the-two-idiots and finishes with a swoony HEA.
I loved the Aspen bits, even if it was totally insta. I loved the chemistry between Shay and Kolton. Though his "secret" and her quick-to-assume-attitude already were a bit off-putting. I liked the banter and the quick back and forth, the competitive little fights, it's explosive and fun.
Then I found myself hoping that Siskind is going to take a 180 and do it all slow-like... but sadly that didn't happen, so while I found the middle entertaining- I also found it a bit too crafted, trying too hard to be quirky but still cliche.
The last bit, honestly, I totally inhaled it. BUT I was kinda so over all the dramas. As a commitment-phobe I had lost my patience with the excuse of being scared of commitment or hiding behind the past. While it was a joy to read it also felt drawn out. -see? Divided!

I liked Kolton. Who wouldn't? Show me one girl that wouldn't wanna be wooed by him. Yeah, even I would. In fact he is the saving grace of this story. I loved his POV. I found him interesting and could relate to him... and yeah bring on the wooing dude, I would totally cave first minute.
Shay, though I do kinda like her, grated on me. I get her issues- well she rasped on and on and on about it, so there is no missing it. I can't really relate, simply because I have never been in that situation, it's kinda so contrary to my character. But I know it's distinctly possible to be in her situation. I felt really sympathetic for the first 20% then I just felt like she is milking it.
Jackson is sweet, and while I liked him, I found at times that it felt like Siskind is trying to hard to make him a unique character. It felt constructed.
In fact at time the entire support cast felt a wee bit too cliche. But I actually didn't mind it most of the time.
Having said that Shay was annoying, I also have to say, that there were great moments of her character growth. She did make changes that were awesome and I liked that she gradually got her confidence back. So again, I liked parts of the character building and others not so much.

So basically very well written cute & fluffy, that was highly entertaining but a bit too melodramatic at times and a wee bit too drawn out.
Now. The big question is: When is Lily's book coming out?


No Love Allowed - Kate Evangelista

I had high hopes for this one, the blurb sounds awesome and one of my reading buddies really liked it.
Alas it didn't quite work for me.

And honestly I felt terrible about that. Because this is by no means badly written. Evangelsita's writing style is ok. Same goes for the story line.

But I found it impossible to connect to the MCs. I am not quite sure if this is because it is written in third person. A choice that always makes it harder for the reader to connect.
I just simply felt like I was reading something made-up. I know, I know, this is fictional. But when I read I want to be able to forget that it's someone's idea, I want to be able to connect and I want to believe the story. Sadly I really couldn't do either of these things.
This feel like a TV-series to me. I felt totally detached from everything.
Even when the big dramas happened, all I could think of was, only 10% left to get through...
I found it all too cliche. We have to emotionally unavailable Caleb, who isn't just super hot but also beyond rich, his asshat dad, the super-close little circle of friends... oh and then there is Nathan the token gay.
Didi came across as extremely childish on many occasions.
Her mother seemed flippant. She changed her mind about things like a leave in the wind...
Let me not get started on Amber or JJ.
Simply put I didn't like the character building. There was no depth to start with but also no growth over the story.

While I found the events and the sweet moments quite endearing, it also felt orchestrated. Like someone lined up key moments.
I was not a fan of the dialogues- most of it has been used in way too many romantic movies, the same goes for a lot of the sweet moments.

I wish I would have liked it better. Really I do. I think it has some potential, I am not sure what would safe this however. Then again, thankfully I am just a reader, who can't write to safe her life.

I guess a less picky reader, someone who loves a bit of movie romance will really enjoy this one!

In one word: Awesome!

Playing Defense - Cate Cameron

LE Sigh!

In one word? AWESOME!

Playing Defense ticks every box when it comes to cute&fluffy. It was an easy and extremely enjoyable read, two interesting MCs, good support cast, many cute and funny moments, loads to swoon and hot Hockey boys. What's more to want? But Playing Defense offered much more than that. While lighthearted there are some interesting issues highlighted. And while it's defo a cute and swooney romance the two MCs do some considerable growth because of each other.

I loved Center Ice, in fact it was one of the novels the set me on the Entangled-Crush path. So I knew that I like Cameron's witty and fun writing. I was not disappointed, in fact I feel that Cameron did an even better job in this one. She managed subtly to add even more depth.

The story line was swoony, just like one would expect. There are naturally some problems, but also a lot of funny and very defining moments. I adore Chris and Dia's story. Love the friendships they both formed. My favorite part was the Sisterhood of Awesomeness. It's inspiring but also so much fun- and the interactions of the characters was the best.
On a sidenote I love how Cameron handled the smexy-stuff. It's fab, that she showed that the characters can be all headover heels, totally taken by each other, without being explicit- yet they discuss things and respect each other. It's definitely one of the things that gives it depth.

Let's just put it out there: This is awesome not just because we got super hotties and swooney cute stuff- but mostly because of the character building. In my opinion the character building makes this fabulous.
I love both Chris and Claudia. Love most of the support cast. But more than that it was amazing how two very different people, both kinda stuck but ok, help each other to become more authentic and to overcome their fears. The character growth is exhilarating and is what made me happy sigh on many occasions. Best thing ever.
I hope that we get to revisit the group of friend in the next installment of the series! Because now I am totally invested in them and I have a few questions that weren't answered.
Sadly, I also had a little issue with the character building. One being the mother. I got that she was anxious and all. But can you say extreme? She is supposed to be this intelligent person but I just couldn't believe her prejudice.. or her rudeness.
Then there is Annalise. I got that she was jealous, but she obviously just didn't want Claudia to be happy.. Or at least that's how it comes across. There was never an explanation for her behaviour nor were we told if Claudia and her worked things out. It's kind of like her character was created to cause friction, she was a baddie, because there was a need for one. Full stop. Which is nearly painful, when set in contrast to all the other characters.

While this does work as a stand-alone. DON'T miss out on Karen and Tyler's story. Trust me, read both.
A fabulous addition to a good series.
An absolute must read for lovers of the genre.

I can't wait for the next installment that is due to be published in May!

Look basically: I want more!

Miss Bramble and the Leviathan: A Steampunk Romance - Kristen Painter

Let's just put it out there... this is way to short. I mean it's a good length for a novella.. BUT I want more.


I loved the character building. In a few pages Painter made me feel like I know Pandora and Theo. I got where they were coming from, what drove them and felt like I knew them. Then this isn't really surprising, because I kinda got to expect this when I read anything by Painter.


The story line is sweet, a bit too insta love for miss-commitment-issues over here, but again, it's a novella. There are actually quite a few obstacles and issues put up- then Theo just found the most simple solution possible. - the novella part I guess...

The world building was interesting. Not quite a steampunky- aka technical as I would like but in 80+pages Painter painted a clear background. And I would love to know what she would come up with, if this was longer...


The end by the way is perfect, just like I like my short stories to end. Left me wanting more but also left me thinking of all possibilities!


I wish this would have been a full length novel, because I am sure Painter would have elaborated, where it was all a bit too fast for me.
But alas it is a novella and I enjoyed every single page of it.

I am however left hoping Painter will consider writing a full length novel set in the same world!

Reading progress update: I've read 40%.

Feverborn: A Fever Novel - Karen Marie Moning
" I shouldn't have been surprised. By this time I'd thought myself beyond all surprise."




Yeah, Mac! Tell me about that. I know exactly how you feeling...